No output sound


I just installed Ardour and tested it with my M-Audio Mobile Pre. Recording a guitar track seem to work but I can’t hear the recorded track, sound meter is working on master track though during playback. I check all the options in output settings and even my hardware but still no sounds. Please help.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t debug issues like on forums. Use the mailing list or IRC (see the Support page - link at the top of every page here). Or perhaps some kindly soul will be prepared to use the forums to help you. For me, they are a ridiculous medium for help and assistance with operational problems.

Have you checked connections between Ardour’s master out and playback in in Jack’s connections window? Maybe this connection is the problem :-). If not: Do you use Pulseaudio - and does it work correctly? Or maybe it’s a problem with Alsa and Alsamixer…?