No MIDI System for pulseaudio

Hey all, I’m starting on Ardour and it looks like fun!

Everything seems to work when I use the ALSA audio system, but it shuts down my entire system audio as it normally uses pulseaudio instead.

So I’m trying to switch to PuleAudio. The sound works, but then I can’t use my MIDI device (Novation Launchpad Mini).

Then I noticed that selecting “PulseAudio”, I have no MIDI system.

However when I pick ALSA audio system, I do have the ALSA sequencer available as MIDI system.

I’ve searched but can’t figure it out. AFAIK puleaudio is on top of ALSA so it should be fine right?

Any help of guess welcome!

This is perfectly fine. Pulseaudio has no MIDI support. If you want to have MIDI, use Jack or ALSA. Or Pipewire.

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Pulseaudio is a desktop audio system, that does not support MIDI, it is also not really suitable to record audio [1].

Arodur only provides it for convenience. Say you’re on a laptop in the train home from a recording and want to have a quick listen .

[1] Pulseaudio cannot provide constant latency, so overdubs may or may not align. And it can transparently re-sample, lowering the quality,

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I have pipewire with jack enabled so switching to Jack solved it all.

Thanks a lot for your helpfulness :pray:

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