No midi Signal on Play Mode

Good evening users/admins!

As the subject says: I dont have any midi signal ( i dont hear anything from my midi channel with calf monosynth active) while I press the play loop button.

my set up is with a2jmidid -e

I use a rock drum loop and i want to solo over the drums with the calf monosynth.

Thank you in advance


I just realized that on Play Mode (playing a loop) as soon as I have Record On @ my Midi Channel I receive midi signals (notes) but I dont hear them…

how noobish I am ? hehe

Well @ mixer I found tha IN button of my channel. So While its active it sends I guess the synth’s out put directly to master out. So I am ok with that I achieve my midi recordings.

There is another issue though. When the loop starts again ( start marker ) my midi resets. Can I separate this so I dont have any signal stops while the loop is on?

the bug with looping MIDI is already in the bug tracker.