No mic volume with Zoom call

I can see and hear myself in Ardour, but my friend and I are setting up a new podcast, and n trying to use Zoom on my ubuntustudio laptop, I have no signal from my mic into Zoom.
I can hear my buddy just fine. He can’t hear me?

Ardour by default requests full access to your audio device, so no other software will be able to use it. If you want to use your mic in both chances are you will need to do a more complicated setup using Jack and some plugins to allow Zoom to utilize Jack.

See the following two articles depending on whether you are using Pulseaudio or not:


EDIT: For the record I am assuming you are trying to record in Ardour at the same time as using Zoom, ala to record the video conference.

Thank you Seablade. I will read those.

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