No lv2 GUI ? on opensuse tumbleweed

I am trying to use, the redzeppelin drumkit. (lv2)

As far as I can tell its loaded, but I don’t hear any sound.

I do have sound when I load an older project were I imported a midi file.

I am totally new to ardour so cant rule out, I am doing something wrong.

Another issue though, were is the GUI of the plugin?

OpenSUSE tumbleweed, geekos Daw.

Is there a way for me to find out, if this is an compile problem ? Then I know who to contact.
(my friends of Geekos Daw)

Did you verify that the audio output of the channel is connected to the master bus?
What are you using to generate MIDI note data?

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Hi, for the GUI, double click on the plugin. Then check if this track is connected to the Master Bus and the Master Bus is connected to an output. Everything works well on TW.

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Thank you, I am 99% sure, its not connected to the master bus channel.
So something to investigate.

I also found the ardour demo version, which I can use to test if the gui not showing is an compile issue.

Progress. But I also see Daniele1971 respond, and she is on tumbleweed too.

So its an PBKAC error.

Thank you both :slightly_smiling_face:

I still have to fix it, but I am starting to understand the problem.

I either managed to create a new midi track which did not connect to master or I somehow managed to disconnect the plugin.

While watching UNFA’s Ardour midi master class again, I noticed two things.

Unfa is using a scarlett focus too, but his Ardour settings differ.
He has both midi out and midi in, set to the focus.

My Ardour is not for midi in. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ardour is still fighting me, lets call it I have a lot to learn.

After starting a new project, and selecting empty template, it all worked out of the box.
The redzeppelin drumkit is working fine, although I still struggle with the piano roll.

What went wrong the first time ? I selected an advances template… So no auto connect to the masterbus.

Not smart if you hardly understand routing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next battle for now, to get sound in Ardour from my midi controller.

Won’t you need MIDI in to get MIDI data from your controller in to Ardour?

I have a Keystation mini 32.

I want it to work with the red zeppelin drumkit.
Its conected through the modern midi connection, usb.
It does not even have what I call real midi ports (the din ones)

Maybe I just need to stay calm and find comfort in an UNFA statement on you tube.
He also also ones started with LMMS.

Coming from LMMS, for now Ardour is driving me nuts. It totally works different. Thanks for this vid.
(midi master class)

I felt the same way when I went from LMMS to Ardour :smiley: (it was Ardour 2 at the time).

When I speculate on why Ardour is so hard for me, it might be because the first daw I tried was Fruity loops. LMMS is kinda of an FL clone.

Back to the midi controller, I already figured out I need to do some connecting, but do not yet understand exactly how.
This again totally works different from how this works in LMMS.
But I do wonder, lmms does not do routing, which might makes things a lot more easy but also more limited.

Ardour can do a lot lmms can’t, and it has good LV2 support.

The other reason why I am using Ardour, to add drums to a live played guitar part.

Never give up, never surrender :slightly_smiling_face:

I used Lmms a lot and I miss the pattern editor but it’s too limited.

You problem with midi controller is very hard to fix, you need 3 click at least :smiley: :smiley:

Right click on midi track->Inputs and try wich one is your controller.
Or menu View->Show Editor Mixer then click on track name->Input
or under track name there’s a input button, probably empty; click->Routing Grid and select your controller. It could be midi_capture_x or similar. Ceck one by one… There also a button with midi port icon, green->input connected.

Also you can configure your midi controller inside Ardour preferences.

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Yes, definitely different than applications which are centered around music composition.
If you come from an AAW (“analog audio workstation,” i.e. mixer and multi-track recorder :wink:) it can be a little easier to understand.

The first step in getting your MIDI controller to work is making sure you select the correct MIDI hardware device in the Audio/MIDI Setup window. If you have an audio interface with MIDI then the selection would likely default to your audio interface, and you want to select the Keystation as the MIDI hardware to use.
That will be necessary before the advice from Daniele1971 about selecting the MIDI device for the track input becomes available.

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3 clicks ? I am doomed :wink:

As you say LMMS is too limited, and it ridiculous it still has no full LV2 support.
The devs seem to have time though to port linux plugins to windows.

And I already knew from UNFA I was gonna miss the piano roll (pattern editor)

I am following unfa for many years now, I learned a lot from him also about lmms.

Ardour does listen to him though, the last Ardour finally has lolipops. (even though Paul has its own opinion about this feature)

On the bright side, I have already something in Ardour.
The first 8 or so seconds, of when the levee breaks.

For those that do not know this track from Led Zeppelin.

Here are the drums explained.

I suck at, even in LMMS to understand were to place the notes though.
When I can tap on a midi controller, and record it, I don’t have this issue.

Ones tried to cover the Cure - A forest in lmms.
I had sheet music but could not get the first bass note right.

I then hooked up the controller and boom problem solved. Fun fact only then I understood what the sheet music was trying to tell me. That track starts just before the second bar, with one note.
So it starts at 4 not at one. Ones you know its easy.

Yes it feels so weird a lot of the time. Like it totally works the other way round.

I cant recall exactly were, but I already saw my midi controller in Ardour.

I also saw a youtube vid though of unfa.
He had midi in and out linked to his focus rite.

Its funny, you mention multi track recorders.
That American guitar friend, said he preferred the old way of recording with multi track recorders instead of all the computer daws these days.

I then explained to him, that with Ardour he basically has a multi track recorder with an unlimited number of tracks.

In my own words.
Ardour is more aimed at people who can actual play life, and want to record it. :slight_smile:

Baby steps.

I can now drum on my midi controller.

Red zeppelin plugin.

In ardour under window, pick midi connections manager.

Then find your midi hardware, and connect it to midi in.

I also had to so something else, use the min button on the midi keyboard, to make the keyboard go an octave lower.
Then the c2 kick drum is in the playing range of my midi keyboard.