No Lv2 GUI in Ardour 2


I try to work with the packaged version of debian testing (wheezy): Ardour 1:2.8.14-1

All LV2 plug-ins works but appear as ladspa, not with the Lv2 GUI.

I think maybe some package is missing but I don’t get more information about this, or just some thing to setup.

Anyway, the GUI appears with LV2 rack.

I have the habit of using Lv2 plug-ins, but without the GUI I just can do nothing!

Thanks for all advices.

Great news!

The Debian maintainer Adrian Knoth already replied and started uploading a new version of Ardour 2.8.14(-2) to unstable that fixes the issue. You can grab the package from unstable probably tomorrow -it takes some time for the package to be build for every architecture- or wait around 10 days until the package arrives in testing.

I love Linux & Debian, problems get fixed so easily :slight_smile:

And again huge thanks for the FFADO tip. Works great!


Thanks all.
Your answers gives me precious elements of reflexion.

I really use LV2 plug, for example I need EQ10Q to feel “at home”.

Build my own system based on debian makes me dream, I love debian, the installer, free spirit, and freedom that this system give.
And “testing” version gives me enough recent version of FFADO to run my device (saffire pro 40).

But maybe it is still too early. I have problem with Debian testing with Ardour and ladish, I don’t know how to make pertinent issue report, and I’m a musician, I prefer contribute on " tuto: how to make music" for musician.

I know now how to optimize a linux system for MAO.
AV linux is interesting, ubuntu also why not (but I don’t like pulse and meta-packages), and make the migration to Ardour 3 now…
Well, not tomorrow I will record my drum with my loved station. :wink:

See you all.



Just to clarify AV Linux is Debian Stable BUT all the good audio stuff is up to date including FFADO and users report their Saffire Pro 40’s are working and AV Linux has NO Pulseaudio either by default. Ladish however is not included but all other session management (JACK Session, Patchage 0.5.0, A-J Snapshot and Non Session Manager) are all pre installed.


I’ve just checked it out for you - the current 2.8.14 Debian testing package has a problem with LV2, the GUI doesn’t show up here either.

But you can stay on Debian testing - I’m using it (amd64), simple Debian testing, nothing special configured, and the binary here from (Downloads) works very well, including the LV2 GUIs.

Thanks a lot for mentioning that FFADO now supports the Focusrite 40, I have this one and thought it wasn’t ready yet! Will check it out in a minute.


p.s. reported as:

We test against the pre-built binaries from - several distributions have consistently and repeatedly managed to release packages which break compatibility, and have failed to test them adequately.


You might be interested in AV Linux, the latest versions of Ardour 2, 3 and the Demo version of Harrison Mixbus pre-tested and running with full LV2 GUI’s including optional WinVST builds in a static environment that won’t pull the rug out from under you with this kind of packaging mayhem.

I met the same problem a couple of days ago. I mainly use the linuxdsp LV2 plugins which just stopped to show their respective GUIs, that was after a debian update.

I am almost sure I have all the LV2 related libs installed. So to work around this problem, I uninstalled ardour (the debian way) and installed the precompiled version found on this site, which works just fine.

I too had this problem a few months back on Debian Sid and I can confirm it is exactly as described.

I don’t know the solution or the cause (though I figure it is a packaging issue), I have since moved on to the Ardour 3 beta binary package and don’t ever intend to go back to Ardour 2. :slight_smile:

(I have also since moved to Ubuntu but that’s another story…)

Edit: Well, preposted by thorgal. Nice to know.


that’s strange, I’ve never had any Debian related issues with the Ardour packages there. LV2 support has been in there for a long time and it should ship with any required other packages for LV2 plugins.

  1. Do you really try LV2 plugins with an own GUI? There are LV2 plugins which use the generic LADSPA GUI. But e.g. the invada plugins use their own graphics, maybe try those.

  2. Try the package you can get here from, this rules out Debian-package related problems

Hope this helps!


So it’s you… thanks a lot!!
Sorry for delay I don’t receive email alert for new post (?).

I confirm the problem resolved by updating to ardour 1:2.8.14-2!