no looping playback with JACK

When I do looping playback with internal sync, Ardour works fine, but with JACK, it just starts playing at the first loop marker and ignores the second one, playing infinitely. Any ideas what may be going on? I want to sync via JACK so that Ardour controls Hydrogen, which it does, just no looping. I’m using Ardour 3.5.74 and JACK2 on a Debian system. Thanks in advance.

Pardon me if I’m not understanding your situation correctly, but if the second loop marker is ignored, doesn’t that mean there’s no actual loop and playback continues to the end of the session?

Do you want Ardour to trigger Hydrogen to start, while Ardour plays any loops you set up, and Hydrogen continues its own playback mechanism after being started by Ardour (ignoring Ardour’s loops)?

Thanks, guys. To answer your questions nick, yes Ardour ignores the loop and playback continues until the end of the session. I’d like to see Hydrogen loop along with Ardour, but at this point, Ardour won’t even obey its own loop ranges when syncing with JACK.

yep, still an issue. just to confirm - experiencing the same trouble while working with ardour and (jack-transport-sync’d) renoise.

I’m using version 3.5.100 and don’t notice any looping issues internally.

Looping while sync’ed to JACK is no longer available since Ardour4.

JACK transport does not support looping and all attempts to work around this never worked reliably.

Can I assume this is still not working since I have the same problem in 5.4? I did build Ardour from source, so it’s possible my build wasn’t complete, so if someone can confirm or deny looping with Jack is still a problem in 5.4, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks for the confirmation. Maybe someday we’ll come up with a solution that works for everyone. Linux sound is just such a mess, it’s a wonder anything works sometimes.

Why do you think Linux sound is such a mess? Well, it’s certainly not great, particularly some GNU/Linux distros defaults and maybe the lack of pro DSP plugins, but I have a hard time finding anything that sucks less that Linux. Which operating system do you think is more reliable for pro-audio?

What applications out there support hard-sync’ed looping with inter-application synchronization? by design waits for applications to catch up. e.g. when there’s a loop, a client may have to read data from disk (audio for the start of the loop). Also seamless looping is not possible since jack “transport locate” happens on process-cycle boundaries.

There’s no open protocol that defines loop points for inter-application synchronization. The cleanest is probably to use Midi-Time-Code (MTC seek messages can be sent timestamped in the process cycle) and hope slaved clients can refill the buffers fast enough. …or use plugins: Various plugin-standards support transport-sync including loop points (in application).