no launch icon

I just installed 2.8.9 on my Slackware desktop machine, and there’s no launch icon in the app menu! How do I launch this thing?

vst or non vst?

VST should be :


for non-vst:


common sense stuff…

thanks, ardour2 did it. Still don’t know why there’s no icon…

2handband: if you installed a package, you need to talk to the packager. If you installed from source code, we don’t attempt any desktop integration in the source tarball/build scripts. Finally, the current version of Ardour is 2.8.11. It would be nice if everyone could be using the latest version.

I installed a package. I might wipe it and install the latest from source unless I can fix my jack problem… see my other thread on this page.

Icons are in /usr/local/share/ardour2/icons.