No input in ardour

Hi! Just installed my new Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 firewire interface, but I can´t get any sound into ardour.

Playback works fine and I can get sound into other apps like audacity. I get to choose from all the 16 inputs in the track input, but no signal appears. In the JackPilot router, my “capture_1” signal is routed to “audio 1/ in 1”, seems correct…

Any solutions?

Running the newest Ardour and Jack versions on a 2010 MacBook Pro 13".

Enable HOG mode in JackPilot Preferences and tell me if that makes a difference?


Nope, this did not work.

Hmm not sure why that would be, I am currently running a sapphire Pro40 for my live tracking rig and it is working fine. If you can try to catch me on IRC sometime when I ahve a moment to help you through some of the troubleshooting, thanks.


It works now, maybe I didn´t check properly after enabling Hog mode. Thanks for your help!

Glad it works for you, sorry I couldn’t talk longer on IRC, this is a fairly busy point for me over the past and next couple of weeks.