No Harrison XT Plugins

I have reinstalled my system.

Now I’m looking for the Harrison XT plugins that I like to use in previous projects, most of which I have paid licenses for.
Apparently these were not installed.

Could this be because Ardor was included by the distribution (ZorinOS)? Should I reinstall Ardor from the installer?

Those plugins are proprietary (closed source). Harrison has granted to redistribute their binaries with Ardour.

If you want to keep using your distro’s version of Ardour, the easiest way to get the XT plugins is to install the official Ardour version (demo is fine), then copy the plugin bundle /opt/Ardour-7.5.0/lib/LV2/Harrison.lv2/ to ~/.lv2/Harrison.lv2/ (and then uninstall the official binary /opt/

Okay, thanks Robin.

Then I will uninstall Ardor and run the official installer.

I do not need the demo. I have paid! :slight_smile:

Hi Robin,

I bought a licence key for Harrison AVA 32C. But I still have no solution to my problem with the AVA 32C Linux plugin. Now I read:

The Windows AVA 32C could work better under WINE?

Does my licence-Key also work with the Windows variant? Where do I get a Windows-Installer for 32C for this.

Also: I plan to switch back to the Mac soon. Do I need new licenses for the Harrison plugins or will the keys that I used also work on Linux?

Harrison Support has not yet responded to my query.

Many greetings from Germany


I know that the XT plugins will continue to work with the existing license files, but AVA is different.

Please contact Harrison support about the AVA plugins, and stay tuned. There is a holiday weekend in the US. You may not get a reply before Monday.

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