No Global Preferences Dialog

i´m new on Ardour5 and i have a question.
I have only a grey windows in the Global Preferences Dialog.
Is this a bug? Or must i change something?
I run Ardour 5.4 on Windows 10 32 bit.

Thanks a lot


This is a known bug, but the cause is not known. It was believed to be fixed in 5.4 but apparently is not. It seems to only affect a few people, for reasons we do not understand at present.

The workaround is to detach then reattach the preferences window to the main window, quit and restart. Do not detach the preferences window again.

Hello Paul,
sorry for my late delay. I will say “Thank you verry much”.
Your instructions are work verry fine and i can set my parameters in the global section.
O.k it is a bug but with your instruction it works verry fine !

Good job Ardour Team !

Greats from Berlin

I’m having the same problem. Ardour 5.4.0 on Windows 10 64-bit. Either I’m not understanding the workaround instructions properly, or the workaround isn’t working for me. Could someone please explain what is meant by “detach / reattach the Preferences window”? Thanks.

Somewhere toward the upper right quadrant of the main window (the one with the Transport controls and clocks) are three vertically stacked buttons labelled “Editor”, “Mixer” and “Preferences”. Right-click on them and all will become clear.

See if is similar to your case.


Ok, that did the trick. Weird issue, but thanks for the help with getting things working again.

This bug has now been fixed in git (thanks to long time contributor Tim Mayberry). You’ll see this in nightly builds and the next release.