No functional C++ compiler... installing Ardour 2 beta 9

Hi, I run scons and get the following message :

This system has no functional C++ compiler. You cannot build Ardour from source without one.

I installed g++ 4.1 and dev files with synaptic though.


Which distro is this? Can you post the config.log file resulting from running “scons” somewhere? It can get pretty long, so preferably off this list. Maybe a pastebin site like if you don’t have a site to upload it to.

I use Kubuntu 6.10 and here is the config.log file created after running Scons :

Thanks for your help sampo

Well, I solved the compiler problem by installing “g++”. I had g++ 4.1 installed but it did not seem to be sufficient.

Thanks for the help

On debian based systems (like Ubuntu), it’s a good idea to install a metapackage (=a pre-determined collection of packages) called “build-essential”. That package will install the most essential build tools.

Ok thanks! Will do that!