no effect on quantize + automatic connections

Weaving my way into Ardour for some time now. Things start to get in place. Two questions of details : (a) ‘quantize’ has no effect. Notes stay where they are. (b) Disabling automatic input connections in ‘preferences’ has no effect. Still automatically connecting new tracks in round robin order.
Is there something I miss here?

Make shure that you chose the right grid unit. By default the dialog is set to ‘main grid’ so checkout that the main grid is set to the desired value and there are notes close enogh to those grid positions. If they are way to far away, you can adjust the threashold to increase the range which quantize should affect. Have a look at the description here, which gives a more detailed explanation about the way quantization works. But i also had the problem, that, from time to time, quantize simply does nothing on the notes i selected.

Hm, it striped out the link to the description: