No auto-save in Ardour 4 ??

Dear all,

could it really be possible that there is no auto-save feature in Ardour 4 ? I can’t find it anywhere in the GUI, there’s also no word about this in the documentation.

Without this feature the program is not of worth for any effort-rich work. It’s simply too easy too loose much content.

You would help me very much if you can help me regarding this setting a little bit. And of course I’m convinced this must-have-feature is also very important for all other users (also in this forum).

Thank you in advance.

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Edit > Preferences > Misc > “Undo” … “Make periodic backups of the session file”

The naming is less clear than it could be, since it suggests that it saves to some other file. It does not - this is autosave. Ardour also autosaves after a recording pass.

Hello Paul.

Have many thanks for your very quick and helpful suggeston.
Have a nice evening.

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