No audio when using Jack sync

I’m using Ardour (built from source, current master) with xjadeo. I’ve syncronized the two via JACK, but Ardour refuses to play any audio when external sync (via JACK) is enabled.

The session plays normally when using internal sync (the sync button towards the top left of the main window is disabled and reads ‘Int.’). When this button is pressed (and reads ‘JACK’), the tracks no longer playback any audio. (no levels are seen in the mixer).

Interestingly, the metronome still produces audio, so the audio engine still seems to be getting audio out of Ardour, but nothing comes out of the tracks.

Toggling the monitor buttons in the mixer (the ‘in’ and ‘disk’ buttons next to the record arm button) have no effect either.

Anyone got any ideas?

I can confirm that 6.0-pre0-395-g7671268 (current master as of this post) has this bug.

That said, 6.0 is not ready by a long way, and as Paul notes in his blog post they’re “mostly focused on really substantive (wide-ranging, deep and difficult) internal architectural changes that will (over time) make a lot of other stuff possible. There’s absolutely no timeline for the next release at this point, and the work is hard enough that in general we’re trying not to get diverted by bug reports”.

The problem is likely due to one of those deep architectural changes and as the Pre-Release Warning popup explains this forum should not be used to report bugs against 6.0.

If you want a stable and working Ardour you should use the 5.12 version (git checkout 5.12).

Thanks peder, JACK sync works fine in 5.12. For some reason I never saw the pre-release warning, wouldn’t have posted if I did.