No Audio Out

I just the other day downloaded Ardour. Running on a new Mac Mini, under Mac 10.12.2 Sierra.

For the last few days I have been trying to get audio out to no avail. No matter what I do (playing with all the settings, routing, and just about every button imaginable), I get no sound out. Garageband works great. Even the old “AU Lab” works great. All other sound devices on my Mac work. But not Ardour! Very frustrating.

Please help!

It isn’t sane to try to help with problems like this on a web forum. Please see the “Support” tab above and use the information to get on IRC, where we can help you in realtime, interactively.

The solution to your problem is almost certainly simple, but finding out which solution will take quite a lot of question and answer …

Corlin if you are using a monitor bus, make sure the outputs of the monitor bus are patched to the audio hardware using the routing matrix in Ardour. Number one thing that trips up my students on occasion.


Corlin here:
Thanks to all.
I will try the IRC channel…

@corlin: 23:19 CET is not a particular good time to be on IRC :frowning:

Try us during daytime hours, CET to US Pacific time.

i ave same problem if you Got results I’m interested
many thanx

I"m beginner on Ardour (5,8 ) but intermediate user of Mixbus
recently I buy a DIGI 0003 R connected by firewire at my Imac running mac os x sierra
opening a session and after import a tune ; i don’t can st the audio outputs connected to the digi 003 .
After looking in the audio grid and try meanies solution / directions without solutions.

When i open the audio connections at de beginning of the session i see the drivers fixed in core audio drivers ( without possibilities of changing the others other parameters.
i have tried search a download of Jack on web without success ( i don’t find them …

The fixed outputs are theirs of the mac (internal sound card-build it ) , and sure , I’ve choose the digi 003 in the in the sound windows of the Mac but nothing , Ardour remains fixed with the internal outputs of the mac.
After i try opening Mixbus 3,7 and that’ run normally with the defaults connections with the digi 003
With all the another apps (Cubase and Audacity and Mixbus -,) the sound-card run perfectly).

My english aren’t fluent and so some one can give a solution or help direction in French or Spanish, be that great and welcomed.
Thanks allot for yours help.

( for the moment i’m not pratice with the IRC Forums , but I can learn )