No audio in editor list?

Recently all audio clips and MIDI sequences that I play from the editor list (the panel for dragging/dropping resources) have stopped playing sound when clicking them (with auto-play). All of my other audio seems to work fine (e.g. tracks get to the master bus, metronome does as well). This leads me to believe that this is an issue with how my audio is being routed in Ardour (although it happens in newly created projects as well). I switch between my on-device speakers, my wired headphones, and my TV quite a bit, so I figure maybe an input/output was left disconnected somewhere.

Check Window > Audio Connections for the auditioner. It should be connected directly to the master bus or monitor bus.

I think this is already the case.

I’m not entirely sure why, but when I connect the auditioner directly to my current speakers, the editor list seems to play audio/MIDI correctly, but it doesn’t when using the master bus. This doesn’t make sense to me because all of my audio and MIDI tracks are traveling over that same bus to reach my speakers. Is this intended behavior?

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