No Align lit, exported file ends up short

Hi. I have one session where I previously used an MPC-style drum sampler to program my drums but then broke it out into several different samplers to get individual outputs for mixing within ardour. As such, I have a MIDI track left which contains the patterns I had set up for the drum sampler that then distributes MIDI events to all the individual samplers (8 active and 1 inactive track). These then go into a drum bus and then into master.

I noticed that the ‘no align’ indicator is lit, and the log indicates that the drum program track has ambiguous latency on the MIDI output. Further, exported MP3 files now report inaccurate durations, and when the loudness analyser is used when exporting, the last 10s (of a 3m58s track) are truncated.

It’s a fairly common workflow for me to use a drum sampler to get the program going, then move to individual samplers for mixing (until ardour supports VSTs that can dynamically change the number of outputs, at least). Can I do anything to fix the ‘no align’ issue in the current configuration, or should I repeogram my drums on separate tracks and not use MIDI distribution method?

These are two separate issues.

Is the duration correct when you export as wav? What range do you export? Could it be that the session start/end markers don’t span the complete song?


Export issue: The start/end markers are set correctly and I am exporting the whole session. I just checked these scenarios:

  • Export to wav with analyse loudness on → correct duration
  • Export to wav with analyse loudness off → correct duration
  • Export to mp3 with analyse loudness off → correct duration
  • Export to mp3 with analyse loudness on → incorrect duration - file metadata indicates longer than expected, when played back with VLC there’s about 8-10s missing from the end

I just realised I’m using a slightly older build of Ardour (6.8.0) so I will update and try again but this still might be helpful in case there weren’t any changes around loudness analysis/export in 6.9

In Ardour 6.9.0 I can still reproduce the mp3 export issue.

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