Nirvana - On a Plain

Thingamagig = FOSS guitar karaoke (with lights)
No pedals. No amps. No knobs. No presets. No cost. Any guitar.



  1. All effects are applied in real-time. Doubling, harmonies, etc. There is no post-processing here, which is what makes Thingamagig awesome (IMO)
  2. Dear god this took forever. Making my vocals sound non-painful is like rocket science. But this video needed vocals bc of the auto-harmonies involved and the fact that the song is kinda boring without them.
  3. There is a fade-out at the end, leaving the vocals in solo. That end part should really have a harmony to it, which I may add to the session later.
  4. This session should really use a stratocaster but mine is currently downtuned a half-step and I didn’t feel like changing it.
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