Ninjas2 Sample slicer plugin [linux/windows/mac]

Hi all,
I’ve made a plugin, for now it’s linux only.
Downloads :

Ninjas 2

a 'Clearly Broken ’ Sample Slicer

Rewrite of Ninjas, a sample slicer audio plugin. This plugin uses the DPF for the creation of audio plugins in lv2 and vst2 formats. A stand alone jack app is also compiled

Screenshot of Ninjas2


Easy to use sample slicer, quick slicing of sample and mapping slices to midi note numbers. The target platform is Linux.

Intended usage:

Primarily targeted at chopping up loops or short ( ≈ 10 - 20 seconds) samples. Think drum loops, vocal chops etc. Currently there’s no limit on imported sample lenght. User can play the slices using midi notes and change the pitch with midi pitchbend.



  • load samples in audio formats as provided by libsndfile
  • load mp3
  • highlight slice when midi note is received
  • maximum of 128 slices
    • slices 0 to 67 are mapped to midi note 60 to 127
    • slices 68 to 127 are mapped to midi note 0 to 58
  • slices can me snapped to onsets as detected by aubio
  • each slice has ADSR
  • each slice has 4 playmodes :
    • one shot forward
    • one shot reverse
    • loop forward
    • loop reverse
  • pitching of samples (+/- 12 semitones) via midi pitchbend
  • user editable slice start and end points
    • note : slices can not overlap
    • dragging the top marker edits both start and end point, keeping the slices continious
    • dragging the bottom markers edits the the start or end point of a slice.
  • programs : store and retrieve up to 16 configurations of slices
    • normal click restores state
    • shift click copies current state to new location
  • play marker in waveform display
  • add/remove slices in waveform display : double click within 10 px of slice start/end to add or remove slice

Build instructions


  • libgl1-mesa-dev
  • libx11-dev
  • libsndfile1-dev
  • libsamplerate0-dev

If you want a standalone jack binary install either libjack-dev or libjack-jackd2-dev

git clone --recursive
cd ninjas2

There is no make install , binaries will appear in /path/to/ninjas2/bin/ , just copy the binaries to a appropiate location.


Veeery good plugin! I think Ninjas2 and Samplv1 should be included in Ardour

Yes! Ninjas2 rocks! Also the first free slicer lv2 out there as far as I know! :smiley: I have used it in many jungle tunes now, a couple of which I’ve even released in here.

Great stuff!! Much needed in plugin form, thanks for your work on this!



This is indeed a clean plugin. It has mass potential. MIDI file export or drag & drop for use with loops would be killer. In the meantime, it works great for chopping. Very MPC-esque. I look forward to seeing the evolution of this plugin. Thumbs up.


Drag and drop is currently not possible because of the toolkit. It uses pugl, which has no drag and drop, sadly.
For midi file export, imho that’s really more an application workflow.
The inspiration for this plugin came from Shuriken beat slicer (get it? Ninja… Shuriken) and I think that would be a better solution.

FTR: I’m currently looking at cross compiling for windows.

Here’s how I cross compile Dragonfly Reverb:


sudo apt install wine i686-w64-mingw32-gcc i686-w64-mingw32-g++ x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc x86_64-w64-mingw32-g++

32 bit

make clean
make WIN32=true CC=i686-w64-mingw32-gcc CXX=i686-w64-mingw32-g++

64 bit

make clean
make WIN32=true CC=x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc CXX=x86_64-w64-mingw32-g++

The make clean part must delete all build artifacts, otherwise the newly built plugin may not work. For a while I had trouble with the 32-bit windows version because when I was trying to build it there were build artifacts left over from the 64-bit windows version.


I also must compile the dependencies for windows as a static libraries.
Aubio (which is in the source already) is giving me headaches.

I forgot about libsamplerate, gotta tackle that one too.

I have a windows 64 bit if anyone wants it.

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Interesting plugin… Thanks!
Successful .lv2 installation through the ninjas2_ubuntu1804.tar.gz file.

(I’ve got Ardour 5.12 in Ubuntu 18.04.2)

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@seablade pointed this thread out to me, and the screenshots/description looks great but I’m having a little bit of trouble getting this going. The plugin showed up in Mixbus, and I was able to create a MIDI track with Ninja2 as the VST, but the mixer channel strip doesn’t show Ninja where I can double click and pull up the window for it. I thought the issue was Mixbus so I booted up Ardour 5.12 and same deal. Can you give me a 3 sentence quick start guide? :slight_smile: Looks promising!

You should see the plugin in the processor box, just like any other vst.
Also, in Ardour and mixbus try the lv2 :wink:

Automated, cross platform builds will land soon. Thanks to a pr by jpcima :smiley:

So I believe I am trying the lv2…? I downloaded the ubuntu18.04 tar.gz and saved it to /usr/lib/lv2/ which is where I put my Harrison plugins that are working fine. I then unpacked the tarball to that same directory, and both DAWs see the VST. Again, I am able to create a MIDI channel and select Ninja2 as the instrument but beyond that… it doesn’t show up in the processor box. Is there a simple step I am missing?? I can add samplv1 and whatever other VST to that channel, just not Ninja :frowning:

No clue what’s going on.
Perhaps check the notifications in Ardour. The little “led” button, top right.

And make sure you have libsamplerate and libsndfile installed.

Ninjas2 now has automated builds for Linux/Windows/Mac
thanks to jpcima :slight_smile:

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Zyns around Ninjas

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Amigo como estas, me lo podrias compartir porfavor, saludos amigo