nightmare cats tunes

Hey all, I’ve been working with ardour for a couple of years now. I’ve got several songs that have been finished within the last few months up on myspace:

I haven’t bothered to put them up anywhere else because that site is so useful in terms of getting your music out there. If anyone’s interested, though, I can put them up elsewhere.

I used hydrogen to track all percussion except for some live cymbals. Everything else is guitar, voice, and custom zynaddsubfx instruments.

I enjoyed the boots story on your MySpace page. Like a Jack Handey kind of a thing. Music sounds nice. I’ve been recording live guitar, live drums, live bass, and VST keyboards and so on for years with Ableton, but it’s screwing up on me now and I’m looking at Ardour (been a Linux enthusiast if not user for years as well). Your music and the other guys posting on this forum make it a lot easier for a guy like me to consider the commitment.