Nightly builds

Do the subscriber nightly builds for OS X allow for plugin and preset saving? How stable are they, generaly speaking?

Yes and typically I have enjoyed them, but as with anything nightly there is no guarantee from night to night.


At the time of writing, ardour/git-head (nightly builds) is a lot more robust than 3.5.403.

Closing in on Ardour 4.0, current ongoing development on ardour is mainly stabilization, optimization and bug fixes. Even though the nightlies are “random snaphots every 24h”, they’re usually good these days.

Seablade, I have nightly builds and i’m a subscriber but I can’t save. How do I make it work?

Are you sure you downloaded the right version?
Click on “All versions” or goto and select the platform you want WITHOUT “free” after the name and you should get a version that saves plugin settings.

NO I think I have mad a mistake when I install. However, I’ve downloaded once again using my username and password and it is all good. Man it is clean and stable like a workout milk. Thanks for clicking my mind.

The nightlies are now described as Release Candidate 1 so should be very stable now :slight_smile:

Thanks for clicking my mind.
I think I may have nearly made the same mistake myself once, so it was an easy guess.

Ok, followup: is there a way to get the beats in the grid to stay visible even as you zoom further out? I also kind of preferred the colour scheme from Ardour 2 but I found the spot in the preferences to change that, so I’ll play around with it at some point.

as you zoom out, you get to a point where even the bar lines would be zero pixels apart. because we don’t see much point in showing only some of them, they are hidden at that point. there is a case to be made for not doing this, but so far the argument has not been compelling enough to get anyone to make the change.