Server problems?

I recently have a lot of 504 Gateway Timeouts or very slow loading times on
Are there server issues?
The Linux 64bit nightly Build hasn’t been updated since last sunday…(8.6.267)
The win 64 build is on 8.6.273

Thanks for letting us know.

Turns out that facebook and amazon have been scraping our git repositories very aggressively. They’ve been shut out now, and things should be back to normal.



Care to elaborate on what “scraping” is? Not digging for dirt just curious to know what this is as a fellow website owner who is not terribly IT savvy…

Scraping is effectively pulling information off a website in an automated fashion. For instance to build a database of pricing I could ‘scrape’ the prices from an online retailer by writing a script to load every product page, search for the price info (And other things) and save that to a database.

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