Nice Radio Mention

Happy to boast that Ardour got a lovely mention and photo in RADIO WORLD (a prominent U.S. radio trade publication, both paper and online) as part of an article on Linux software - discussing various pieces that can be immediately put to use in commercial radio broadcast and production.

In this instance, Ardour can be considered a cost-effective replacement for ProTools or Audition, when the running costs of keeping both licensed and running gets to be too much.


Whitespace Devices are a headache and a half and being utilized inapporpriately for what people want them for to be honest.

As I mentioned back when the intiial testing for them was being done, the use of them for internet is limited both due to the lack of dedicated frequencies and the lack of available frequencies in metro areas.

I could type out several pages on this, but am on vacation in a hotel about to go eat before spending several weeks camping in the country with no reception or internet, so it will have to wait several weeks till I am back. Suffice to say I would take the effectiveness with a huge grain of salt. This doesn’t even get into the headaches it causes other users of the spectrum like wireless microphone users(And before someone starts, no 2.4 and other frequencies are not an alternative for larger shows etc. of wirless mics)


Hi AP_in_DC
I read that article, seems like Linux is a definite alternative to
the other two, lots of software mentioned including Ardour
to provide peace of mind, no rubbish from Microsoft to hold
people without wads of money back.

Did any of you hear of Microsoft 's latest plan to use the frequencies
we were all squeezed out of using, to by the way provide Internet services
to those with poor infrastructure, so they can provide Microsoft services on a network
that isn’t owned by a service provider and so Microsoft don’t need to pay,
yet will end up the biggest service provider in history.

In the same hotel where Alexander Graham Bell once demoed coast-to-coast telephone calls, Microsoft will announce plans for a new white space internet service on Tuesday. This ludicrous technology sends broadband internet wirelessly over the unused channels of the television spectrum. It’s also ingenious.***************************

I hope people support Microsoft with a jump onto Linux before they are completely trapped
in the Microsoft matrix.

Use of radio frequencies is regulated and requires permits in most countries. Let us see how this turns out, if it is a real news story or not :slight_smile: Sound a bit far out :slight_smile:

Wow, that went off-topic in a hurry …

Yes it did sorry:)


The entire point of WSD (White Space Devices) is to get around the regulated use in a legal way, this is much more of an issue in the US to be honest but will likely affect all countries eventually. They would be unlicensed users (Part 15) similar to wireless microphones are now. This is a LONG topic however and not really related to Ardour itself though so probably shouldn’t be here. If there is interest in a summary of it I will write one up and post it somewhere outside of Ardour at some point.

Did not mean to hijack your post AP_in_DC.

And not all DAW 's are available for Linux Windows and Apple either,
and at this price.