Nice new web site !

Hi all,

Don’t find the “bravo” forum, and don’t want to spam Paul, so post it here :

I like to say a really cool job have been done to relook this all. And don’t say this cause I like the blue color…

Congratulations to working (wo)men, now it’s time for you to have a funny week end people !


Congrats! Trés bien! Bravo!

diggin’ the new site! the new front page is especially cool.
although i personally think all the white in the main site makes it seem a bit too “standard”. i think maybe more shades of blue might help it. just some constructive feedback, i definitely prefer it the new site to the old one :slight_smile:

Very Refreshing!!!


thanks… except on my work winblows PC I get the text on the front page a bit garbled…

will check on my linux boxes and mac at home tonight…