Next version of ardour

How long till the next version of ardour comes out.

Just noticed that the last one came out neer the end of march.

Not being impatient just curious to see what improvements and new features.

Look forward to the next version.

dbra: MIDI clock master issue was already released. Once we have a solid fix for the MIDI unlink bugfix, I will try to see if something related to it explains the similar (but not identical) problem with audio. After some period of time has elapsed, I’ll do a hot fix release.

But Ardour as a MIDI-clock-master still doesn’t work as it should in the current release… Have mentioned it in the MIDI-clock-thread.

Great work paul!That was 1 of the midi bugs that eventially stopped me using midi in ardour!

I dontg know what it is about audio, maybe its because its what i was tought back in college and was quite good at it. I tried to use hygrogen to do drum parts. Being able to edit directly in aroud makes it so much easier for me to create or edit parts.

donations wil be coming :slight_smile:

veda_sticks: apparently I spoke too fast … more work to do even on that bug, still. News will be forthcoming, soon.

Will there be a bugfix release before the new “major” release? Hope it includes the fixed MIDI-unlink-bugfix and a fixed Ardour-as-MIDI-clock-master…

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Paul is currently in Kiev so my guess is after he gets back. Unless the disappearing audio bug gets fixed before then, in which case I suspect you will see it quick:) But the majority of development is focused on the cairocanvas branch which is a LOT of work.


ah yeah he mentioned about kiev

I have fixed the disappearing-MIDI-after-unlink-from-other-copies bug. It gave me some ideas for the disappearing audio issue (nothing concrete yet). I expect there will be another “hotfix release” to get these two issues resolved, but yes, the real focus is on the cairocanvas branch which will become 3.6. You shouldn’t expect to see much functionality change in 3.6 - it is mostly about changing the internal infrastructure we use before we move on (but there are a few things there). I get home on April 20th, and really, really hope to get 3.6 out by early May.

Not being impatant… Just looking for some news as its been almost 3 months since the last release :slight_smile:

I am juggling a LOT of code at present. The file loss release has been built but I didn’t get enough testers. Will push it again this week.

theres no hurry for an update, just news on whats happening.

no need to rush it until the code is ready

How does one get involved with testing a new Ardour builds before release? I would be happy to do some testing. Why don’t you start a forum topic for pre-releases including download links so that anyone can test (obviously with a clear statement about everything being at the risk of the user etc.)?

build ardour from source - its not that difficult if you comfortable building ardour source code.

irc chat is a good place to start