Newby renamed project


I had this song with a lot of work done and I wanted to rename it. I have renamed the main folder and all the files and subfolders which had that name. I have used the same new name for all of these. Now it doesn’t work. I’ve messed up. The tracks appear but no audio waves are shown. I’ve been stupid, I know, but I don’t have experience in DAW’s before. How can I fix it? Renaming all again to the previous name? Importing the audio files in the /interchange/newsongname/audiofiles to the new session? Or is there a method to rename the project? Running Ardour 2.0.3

Thank you for your help


what are the new and old names?

The old name was ‘Rockera nueva’ and the new one is ‘Arrazoirik gabe’. Just in case: I only use the quotes for this post, they are not in the real names.

try doing the rename with an underscore where the spaces are (for the file names). also remember to reset the name in the session file itself.

this has been a subject of discussion among developers recently.

Ok. I’ll try and report it. This is happening in our band’s studio PC. Now I’m at home, where I’m having hardware issues and haven’t yet installed the OS (running Knoppix) so I can’t try it here. I’ll post the comment not later than Wednesday.
Thanks a lot Paul!

I had renamed quite a few projects, it’s no big deal, you just have to make sure ALL files with the session name as part for their filename or inside them are changed. IIRC, you have :

  • most ascii files in the main session directory
  • the directory names (main one + sub dir in ‘interchange’ directory)

I think that’s all you have to deal with. So you can use a small shell command to change filenames, and then what I usually do is an emacs tag to all ascii files (‘etags .’ in the main session dir), open emacs and perform a tags-query-replace with ‘old name’ substituted to ‘new name’.

Thank you!
I edited the .ardour file and changed the old name which appeared in one of the first lines and that worked out, space and all. Sorry for not having posted much earlier. My home desktop has been dead for a long time and the PC in the home studio is not usually online. We’re having great fun and I expect to post in the “Made in Ardour” thread in a few months to show our music to this friendly ardour community.