Newbie try to run 2 Zoom R24 as interfaces


I’ve to become nearly sixty years old, and now, I try to do very tricky things. So…I’m using 2 Zoom R24 recorders in a conventional way. That means…16 Inputs and recording at a sd-card. Now, I want to try recording via Ardour 5, and one of theese two recorders would be found by ardour. But just one, not both. I’m an absolute beginner, in case of ardour 5. What is it, that i’m doing wrong? (sorry for my bad english, I’m not a native speaker)

Greetz, Nobbel

What operating system are you using?

…I’m sorry, that I’ve not written, that it’s a 17/04 studioubuntu with xfce…

This is not recommended or supported directly by Ardour. For more information, read:

(when reading, please be aware that (a) zita-a2j and zita-j2a are technically superior replacements for alsa_in and alsa_out mentioned, and (b) the functionality of zita-a2j/j2a is built into jack1, but your system almost certainly uses jack2)

I’m sorry…that’s to much for me… I’m not that Linux Specialist, that I normally have to be, to run the Ardour Software on my Notebook. Maybe the hardware of my NB is responsible, for my problems. But, as far as I know…I’m the problem…

It isn’t about Linux. What you want to do is not recommended on any platform anywhere. People do it anyway. The docs tell you ways to do it, but precede that by trying to explain a bit about why you should not do it.