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Hi all, I’m new to Ardour, but I’d like to ask a simple question. Can I use this DAW to record an entire album? One track at a time of course? I produce my music on another platform, so I’ll be importing it to another track,


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Of course you can. You you can also master the album at the end.

I am however curious what lead to the question. Why would you expect not to be able to produce an Album with a DAW?

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I’m old school. Pre pro-tools. Analogue days. Kind of new to DAW’s, I now have a fully digital setup, and the only DAW I’ve ever used was pro-tools since the early 90’s. I’m now fed up with the monthly gouging fees.

Don’t be afraid to start doing it with Ardour. You will like it a lot

You will likely be fairly comfortable with ardour once you learn your way around. It started from a flow more related to ProTools style recording focused DAW, rather than a sequencing style workflow like Cubase or Ableton.

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