Newbie question: How to remove projects in Ardour?


I am new to Ardour and to this forum. I am a hobby ebass player.
Question: how do I remove projects in Ardour? I looked for the this possibility but did not find anything.

Thanks in advance for answers.

Depends on what you mean with “remove”.
If it’s about removing it from the “Recent Sessions”:

If you want to completely remove it, just delete the folder of the session e.g. /home/rschneid/Documents/Music/Songprojekte/East Side Men/Clicked/Fairytale Gone Bad

Thank you for your prompt response Robert.
I mean “completely removing”, i.e. deleting. I found the option to remove from the recent sessions and I supposed it was just removing the visibility of the project.


Just delete the session folder from your drive then, all your project files are contained within typically. It will completely remove the session.


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