newbie, pls help

I have made the move to Ubuntu & have been looking into DAW’s and other things of the sorts.
Ardour keeps coming up & I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I should install from the website or use the package manager as the package manager only versions Version: 0.99.3-1 (ardour-gtk).

I realise there is an Ubuntu Studio but thought I would just give the Software a go first.

Are there any major differences with Ubuntu vs. Studio and what should I look at installing, anyone please, from of the package manager.

Any advice is thanked in advance.

You should not use anything older than 2.0. The 0.99 series is history.
I think you can just add the Ubuntu Studio repository as package source and then just install a recent Ardour.

I’ll second thorwil’s post. Go to the Ubuntu Studio website and they’ve got a bit on the download page about repository settings:

You can either run the commands they specify, or cut and paste the repository info into Synaptic and use that.

Building Ardour from scratch is good exercise, but you will run into a lot of problems related to missing libraries and it’s not always so easy to tell what library it’s looking for! All part of the fun, for some of us… ; )