Newbie: M-Audio Fast Track Usb

Hi there!

I’ve got Ubuntu 7,10 with this device. The system recognise it but I’m not able to record anything with Ardour. Maybe I’m doing the wrong connections in Jack. Could someone help me to let this device work?

You should make sure that jack is using the correct sound card. If you have other sound devices in the computer, it may be defaulting to the wrong one.

Are you using qjackctl to start jack or the console?

You can also test, whether the sound device works with jack, when you connect your sound input eg. some mic to alsa output directly in qjackctl connections. Than you should hear the sound of microphone in loudspeakers or hadphones.

Well, I used qjackctl and I made all the connections. I mean, the capture inputs into the Audio1 of Ardour and sort of. Then I set up the Fast Track as the default soundcard by the Audio menu on Ubuntu. I can hear the test sounds but I still can’t record anything on Ardour. Then, I can hear everything I play plugging my headphones into the Fast Track. I also use a tube preamp to have a louder signal. But if I use programs such Jack Timemachine or MeterBridge, I don’t have any input signal from the soundcard.

Where’s the error?

The audio card you choose in the audio menu of Ubuntu is irrelevant, because that option, afaik, knows nothing about jack. If you start jack, it is jack that has to take control of the card. Choose the correct audio device in jackctl (setup, interface). You can check your audio devices by typing “cat /proc/asound/cards” in the terminal. You’ll probably have the onboard audio card as 0: and the fast track usb card as 1:. If so, choose hw:1 as the interface.

Still nothing happens.
I set up my input and output card as hw:1. But the very moment I start to record in Ardour, nothing is going to be recorded. I made sure all the “capture” ports in the Connection window were connected into the Audio1 port in Ardour.

Could you tell me how to cofigure Jack to make my soundcard able to record by Ardour?

ok, I think you should do some troubleshooting here then.
install audacity, choose jack driver in the preferences and try to record anything.
you see, audacity connects to all possible in’s ant out’s, so if your setup is correct, it should record the signal.
if it does - it’s is a question to ardour forum - definitely :slight_smile:

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My Audio cards default to the inputs being all the way down. I have to go into alsamixer (from terminal) and raise all the inputs the first time I use them…this has caught me 2 times now, not being able to figure out why I can’t get sound in!

As a side note, I don’t remember if you type in ‘alsamixer’, ‘alsa-mixer’, or something else in terminal to bring it up…maybe someone else can help…