Newbie: Low input level from mic via mixer

I searched for troubleshooting tips on this but didn’t find anything. Here is what I am running:

Lubuntu 13.04
Ardour 3.5.357
JACK 0.3.9
Mixer A&H ZED60- 14FX

Even when I have the input level on the mixer maxed, the level recorded through Ardour is very low.

I checked alsamixer. I made sure all of the capture devices were at least 75%. I am not sure which capture device in alsamixer is actually the USB device.

I also verified that the input level on the Ardour mixer is 75%.

What else can I check?

Thanks for your help.

Thanks all. You comments were helpful. Things are working better now. Honestly, I am sure what the fix was. I am able to get a decent signal into Ardour now.

Hi, jbird. Check your User manual!
Its Important.

What are you recording? Line signal, or Mic?
Line = E-Bas, E-Git, Keys… MIc = Microphone :slight_smile: Levels arent same!

Can you see/find that A&H USB device on your Lubuntu? (start terminal and type: lsusb, press enter :slight_smile:
How its labeled?

  1. Plug your mic into chanel. Check 48V to Mics (phantom power): If you use condenser mic, must be ON. ( its ONE BUTTON for all chanels also in master section)

0.1 set your gain! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… USB interface 16 bit max and 48 KHz ; you ll need some nice expander/gate
( real device, not plugin :slight_smile:

A&H labeled an " Listen " button (? ) in every chanel, you press it and than set the levels in PFL ( watch meter levels in master section, DONT GO RED, you have 16 bit and max 48 Khz only :slight_smile: After setting that level you must depress ( UP) that Listen button.

  1. check Record button in that chanel you record ( press it down and ZED is sending signal over its internal bus direct to its internal USB audio Card ( USB port in ZED´s master section)
    MAASTER fader is at 0 dB!

  2. Press RECORD button in master section for HP monitor of recording, now you re going to record that chanel direct into daw ( Ardour)

  3. find in ardours CH inputs either zeds L or R chanel.

Monitoring? over HP, over main Monitors, listening send or return ( tape send, or tape return)
I gave you some idea, now… go ahead.

Make some noise :slight_smile:

first check the routing, the usb audio outs according the a review i read can be fed from Master L+R, auxilary or the headphone control. So check that