Newbie: How to add a VST plugin?

Hello there,
I installed several VSTs and payed attention to have $User/Documents/Plugins/ as the path for the plugin libs.
Though, I can not find the plugins after restarting ardour.
I dare saying the documentation is lacking of a how-to instruction here, as well the search function in this forum is not very helpfull.

Reason to install VSTs for me is to have additional instruments for Midi.
As an example I take Download Free Precision electric bass plugin: ABPL II by Ample Sound
I installed the installer and in the installation I inserted the plugin path above.
Now I have the installed package in my Programs folder and some dlls in the plugin folder.

May you please guide me here?
Kind regards


I’m not on Windows but in general if you are not using the default Plugin paths that Ardour automatically searches you need to manually enter you path in ‘Edit–>Preferences–>Plugins–>VST’ and from there you can add your unique Plugin path for both VST2 and VST3 Plugins

Mh, this folder was given by ardour and is stated in the preferences, unfortunately ardour does, for some reason, not discover plugins.

Have you tried clearing the blacklist and plugin caches and re-running the plugin scan?

Nope, but:
I found out that ardours default path was longer, namely there is an additional \VST in the end which was hidden when I looked this noon, dooh. If it wasnt for JACK I’d go back to linux immediately.

Though this can be considered as done and be close.
Thanks anyway @GMaq :slight_smile:

Hi, well glad you got it sorted out… but Linux… JACK?

Ardour no longer requires JACK at all (unless you want to run outside modular software) in fact I use it all the time now with only ALSA Audio, I do have a Windows10 system I use for Video work and to try Ardour decently on there I had to download ASIO4all which to me is more confusing and difficult than simply using Ardour on Linux with ALSA

I did not get it to run on Linux, neither on Alsa, nor on Jack, may have been the controller- Who knows. CBA to go on digging further into that.

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