Newbie here

Hello, I am a newbie to this site and also to the world of music recording. I am not a software developer, but I am a EE. I previously used Cubase LE 4 in Windows but lost lost my installation CD. I have since started using LINUX, I really like it too. I found this website, made a donation, and downloaded Ardour. I have it up and running, installed a lv2 plugin package from Traverso’s website, ( it was already compiled and I installed it in the /usr/local/lib/lv2 path. It is also working. I use a Zoom R16 for recording music from our bluegrass band and it works good. My question is are there any plugins available for EQ and Reverb that use a GUI where the levels are adjustable? Cubase had a graphic EQ GUI that I liked and I also liked having adjustable reverb as well. Again I am new to all of this so I hope I am not asking too many dumb questions.

Most of the LV2 plugins these days have a UI associated with them, but any plugin with or without a separate UI is adjustable. So this means any LADSPA plugins would work fine but you won’t have a fancy UI.

Example EQ LV2 plugin…

Or for a nice package of good plugins with UIs try out the LinuxDSP stuff, it is commercial so you need to pay for it, but most would say the cost is VERY reasonable(Cheap compared to what you would pay on OS X or Windows in many cases).

For verb plugins, there are options like IR for an impulse response plugin, but I am sure there are LV2 ports of some others like freeverb if you look around.


For reverb, there’s

For EQ, try

Disclaimer: I have not used either plugin, and don’t know if they work in Ardour.

As Seablade mentioned, there are some plugins here:

Specifically, a graphical EQ here:

Disclaimer: I have used these plugins and I believe they work very well :slight_smile:

Thanks very much everybody for the help.