Newbie here and question about audio signal drop

a total newbie here :slight_smile:
I’ve been a long time Linux user but I have only taken a few stabs at Ardour during the years. Recently I installed the latest UbuntuStudio and decided to give Ardour another try after a long time.
I got all up & running mostly ok, but I’ve been suffering these weird audio signal “drops”.
I have a Firewire audio interface and using Jack of course.

Where should I start troubleshooting? Many thanks!

Apparently there is no image attach option, maybe just links then:

No idea what that audio glitch is, but one or two comments:

  • You don’t need Jack to run Ardour, and the current recommendation is not to use it if you don’t have to.
  • You won’t get any official support here for an Ardour installation that was not downloaded from this site. The version included with Ubuntu Studio will have been compiled by the Ubuntu Studio people and can’t be guaranteed to have the same configuration (libraries etc.)
    (1) Try using ALSA instead of Jack
    (2) Try downloading Ardour from here and installing it.