newbie daft question

Hi Guys.
I’m very sorry if this seems a stupid question, but Ive downloaded the manual, and I’m having a mental block on doing this.:-

I’m running Mandriva 2010.0 x86_64 with ardour V 2.8.4.
I’m trying to take a low level .wave file and filter it and amplify it up to normal levels and send the output top a .wave file.

So, Ive got ardour running with jackeq, using jackconnect to take the o/p from ardour ( .wav file being played) though jackeq
then to the system devices,
But I also need to record what I’ve filtered, and I’m not sure how to do this.

Its an important task for me ,as its a recording of my boss in a meeting with me ,just about breaking all the employment laws, before making it impossible to work for him or anyone else. I need to make the recording usable in court, so I need to filter out all the background rubbish.

many thanks


That should be fairly easy. Just create a new track in Ardour, connect the outputs of jackeq to the inputs of that track, enable recording on the track and then record. That way you create a region in the new track with the filtered signal. Now you just have to export from Ardour (mute the original track first!) to a new wave-file. Unless I missed something important that should be pretty much it.


Rather than routing out to jackEq, you’d probably find it simpler to insert an EQ ( and / or other plugins) directly on the track to which you’ve imported the wav file - there are lots of eqs available (the jackeq page says it uses SWH’s DJeq internally, so you could use a couple of instances of that if you wanted) - I quite like that 10-band C* eq (but I use that for music; it might be too gentle for your purposes).

Anyway; just put the plugins on your track and when you’ve got it sounding how you want, just File/Export the session to a new wav file at the rate and bit-depth you want, not forgetting to route master out 1 to the left and master out 2 to the right hand side of your wav file (if it’s stereo, of course).


You could also use Audacity which is probably more suitable than Ardour for this type of task.