Newbee question: Editing and trimming region

Hi All!
I just started using Ardour. Great software! But I have a problem. I’m using it to edit podcasts, where I have to edit long audio tracks and do a lot of trimming. In Audacity, I just selected some region and press Control-X to cut it. In Ardour, control-X or delete removes selected region, but doesn’t move the right size of the track to the left. It is similar to insert silence into the deleted region. So I have to move the region on the right to the left in order to join the splitted regions again.

I’ve tried all cutting/trimming options and couldn’t find a way to do this in a single operation. Is it possible?

Thanks a lot,
Daniel Wey

What you are looking for is attempted in Ardour by using another edit mode(Splice Edit), however it does not work correctly at this time.