newb q, bear with me.. jack issue osx 10.4

HI, its some weeks back since i got excited by ardour 3 and tried to install the correct jack,

I think it wants JackOSX 0.89 (the latest release). but when i tried to load that version on my osx 10.5 leopard running on my dual processor ppc mac desktop, jack install said i needed a later osx version and refused to install.

but as far as i know i can’t run later than 10.5 on a ppc mac…?

could i have advice on this situation, i didn’t see anywhere that ardour 3 won’t run on a ppc mac, but my reading from what happened, was it wouldn’t …because of compatibility issues of the latest jack version with osx 10.5

i can try again, maybe i am deluded… but i did so want ardour 3…


oops the title should read 10.5 not 10.4

there is no ardour3 beta released for ppc…

hi. is it likely that ardour 3 will run on ppc later?

@hareslade: it will run. but seriously … c’mon :slight_smile: