newb - import .wav .mid wont work

Hi just installed ubuntu studio 9.04 and first time with Ardour

I want to import something ie a midi file or MP3 I go to

Session >> import

It opens with box with audio files pre selected. However that does not show any audio files like mp3 .wav etc so that does not seem right ??

So, I select where it says “audio files” and change that to “all files” which list all mp3 , wav etc

But if I select any it says “one or more of the selected files cannot be played by Ardour”

Any ideas, thanks.


The “proper” way to get a Hydrogen track into Ardour is to connect Hydrogens output (using the Connect button in qjackctl for instance) to a track in Ardour and record it. Nothing horribly wrong with your method though…

What Paul meant was that no released version of Ardour, up til and including the 2.x series, support MIDI.
Ardour 3 will, but that’s not released yet and will take a while to be finished.

As for extracting drum parts; load it into Rosegarden and mute the other tracks (assuming it’s a MIDI-1 file with separate MIDI tracks. If it’s a MIDI-0 track you’ll have to use some script to convert it to MIDI-1 first).

oh actually got another question. I like to download midi files of songs and strip out everything but the drums so I can jam along to just the drums.

Whats the best way to just extract the drum part and convert to a .wav


Its ok figured how to convert mid to wav using timidity


timidity -Ow -s 44100 -o output.wav input.mid


Thanks Paul, Whats the best way to import hydrogen drum beats into Arbour. Hydrogen lets you save as midi files which I cant import.

I have the latest arbour 2.8.

Can I download an older ver. of Arbour that supports midi?

Please see: which may (or may not) explain the largest part of your problem, depending on where you got Ardour from.

Finally, Ardour does not import MP3 files and Ardour 2.X does not import MIDI files.

Your question should be like this: When ardour will works as the other pro DAWs like Sonar,Cubase Nuendo etc…?

and the answer should be like this: never. Ardour is ardour and if you’re not happy with it, you can use something else.

To make things clear:

  • jack has a transport mode that allows every client that was coded for it to become transport slaves, so all interconnected clients that understand this transport mode can be controlled by any of them (qjackctl has even a jack transport interface in its main window, just for that purpose)

  • hydrogen is not yet a plugin that you can load in an instrument rack inside ardour. Whether it will happen is something that only hydrogen’s devs can answer.

  • hydrogen exposes jack ports so one can connect them to ardour (audio only). You can do all your sequencing in hydrogen, no need to involve ardour in the sequencing of you drum beats. You can match time changes, tempo changes in both apps. One can become the slave of the other (e.g. by making ardour the time master) and activating the jack transport mode in both apps.

  • only record hydrogen’s audio outputs when you are done and happy with your sequencing

The drawback is that you have to recall every app’s configuration and inter-connectivity. That’s something that the lash project is supposed to do for you automatically but this does not seem to emerge as THE solution. When ardour3 is out and gets cleaned of bugs, we’ll see how things change. I believe more and more apps will come up with plugin versions of themselves, hydrogen being a good candidate for that, at least the sampling part.

The non unix/linux apps cited above want to be all-in-one solutions and compete between each other because this is a commercial market in a closed source environment. Ardour is following another path and has adopted the unix philopsophy for better or for worse. But this is not written in marble or gold and can always evolve in the future.

Please folks, stop this non-sense comparison with proprietary DAW systems, developed on different OSes, etc. Ardour does not aim at emulating these systems, its ambition is to be a useful tool for music producers (pro or not) and it is definitely getting there (at least for me).