Newb direct box question

Okay, here’s the issue: Earlier today I used my direct box with both my acoustic and my electric guitar to my mixer, and used Ardour just fine. It recorded everything - sweet.

Now I plug in my direct box and nothing is happening…I checked all the channels, and all the volume controls, and everything is fine. I plugged in, replugged in, restarted…not quite sure what to do.

I’m not understanding what the issue is here, and if you guys need any info about what I’m using and what system I’m on, etc., I’ll give you it. Is there any particular settings I need to have in Ardour to use a DI? Or what?..

Thanks for any assistance!

Hmm your best bet for help on this is going to be to use IRC for some more realtime assistance by going to Help>Chat in Ardour. Ask your question and wait around for someone to answer(Having the window open int he background while you do other work to keep an eye on it isn’t a bad thing especially depending on the time of day you ask).

Thing is there are a lot of possible issues, most of them not even Ardour related, to check and go through and forums are particularly slow for this type of thing.