New with a few questions

New to this forum, so I tought to be polite and say: “hello forum”.

I have Ardour on my pc for more than 2 years now, but never done any serious work with it. For my typical usage and work it is far too advanced.

But a few weeks ago a friend started talking about recording some organ works. He would like to record a few works and put them on CD for a limited audience. We would be renting/borrowing the missing gear (mics, preamp and stand) and record direct to pc.

Since it will be a few months before we record I tought it would be a good motivation to start learning to use Ardour and do the recording with it. So there are a lot of questions that I hope to find an answer to over here.

So for starters: I still run 0.99 (ardour/gtk 0.604.3, libardour 0.901.2). As I don’t want to update while recording, I would like to know the best version out now that is stable enough to last through a whole day recording without hitches. That way I can start using now the version that will be used for the recording. If I can push it for Ardour to be used, I don’t want surprises the day itself.

The 0.99.x line is still the most stable. The most recent release 0.99.3 is very stable. There are a few fixes in CVS which are not released yet though. If you want to give that a go, you can get the newest version in the form of a CVS snapshot. The link to the snapshot is at