New user suffering from distorted playback - my RTFM moment ;)


I’ve installed Ardour 2.3 on Ubuntu 8.04 and I must say it looks great.

My problem is with distorted playback (crackly bordering on farty) - I’m recording using a mic plugged into my laptop’s internal soundcard.

In an attempt to rule out issues with the mic/soundcard/recording I have successfully recorded and played back a sound file using Audacity. When I import this sound file into Ardour and play it I get the same distortion.

I’ve fiddled with the JACK setting changing sample rate checked realtime etc - Audacity was set to use 48K

Any help most appreciated!


What are your buffer settings? Try increasing them, if you haven’t. It might be a hardware address conflict. Have you run top while Ardour is distorting?