New tunes to check out

I haven’t shared in a while and thought I would show some of our work. This is all recorded in Ardour on Ubuntu Studio using a Behringer Mixer and Shure and MXL mics.

Would love feedback or thoughts.



Sounds great. I like the first one “The Flow” the best. Love the acoustic guitar in that.

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Enjoyed both songs, I agree with Choo about the sound of that acoustic guitar. The second song had a darker vibe but very pleasant, the singer has ethereal voice.


Awesome! I really liked both songs. Is it ok for me to show them to some friends?

Yes, please share! You can find my stuff (solo) and the work Britt Moore and I did together as “Twin Flames”. They are both on Jamendo for free sharing :slight_smile:

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This is really OT, but with the latest Firefox update I can no longer get the embedded Soundcloud and YouTube links to play. Has anyone else had that problem and found a setting to allow the embedded players again?

Hi,nice compositions and very relaxing voices and guitars uses.


The latest Firefox update seems to have corrected the problem.
I really like both of those. The background vocals on “The Flow” add just the right atmosphere without being overbearing.
I think I am hearing three vocal tracks. How many tracks were actually used for vocals? On some of the wordless background vocals I could hear different parts in the arrangement, but I wasn’t sure if the same parts might have been double tracked for a thicker sound, e.g. use six tracks to record three part vocal harmonies.

Sorry for the LONG delay in responding. The vocals were 3 part harmonies with each part doubled. Her voice is amazing to work with. So much texture.

Love it !
I have a little preference for the first song, because of acoustic guitar soundtake and vocals…some ledzep vibe on guitar and percussions in the beginning…
Great work !

Thanks for confirming. I really like that sound. Obviously takes longer to record, but definitely makes a nicer sound with the doubled takes.