New Track done in Ardour

This my latest Ardour effort. The tune is called “Home” and it is the first track of the new album I am working on. I love the Vintage Delay. Feedback is welcome.


Thanks for sharing! Something reminds me of REM…?

Nicely done!

I like it in general. There is something about the vocal processing that sounds slightly unexpected to me, I just can’t quite understand what I am hearing well enough to put it into words.
What effects or EQ were used on the main vocal? The word I want to use is “hollow,” but I don’t know if that really conveys what I am thinking. I think there is a little bit of lower frequency boost missing that I was expecting (probably because of how common close microphone position with a cardioid mic is in pop music, the proximity boost effect is really common for male vocals). Also maybe the delay is a creating a slight comb filter effect, but I am not sure about that.

The videography is nice as well. I did not see any information on the YouTube page, did you do that, or someone you work with? Was it custom for this video, or is some or all stock footage?

I used the AVA Vocal Flow plugin. Very cool plugin. You can shape the sound to a great degree. I do everything except drums. They are a guy named Jim Dooley. He provides “segments” that I build into what I want. I created the video in Linux as well using OpenShot. The clips are all royalty free. Thanks very much for the feedback!

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Wow…thanks! An REM comparison is ok with me :slight_smile:

Really cool song, great work!

I particularly love the guitar work in this: I got some “space rock” vibes, possibly because it reminded me of some of the quieter Ayreon efforts. I got some Blackfield vibes too, and that’s also a good thing in my book!

Thank you very much! It’s a labor of love :). Please share with as many folks as possible!