New Theme Pack

Hi, everyone!

I’ve decided to join my theme customizing skill in one pack.

There are three themes:

“ableton-like”; “blueberry-milk”; “cubase-like”.

LINK to illustration:

The archive contains three folders with a screen-shot and “my-dark.colors” file.

All you need: to extract the archive and put the necessary “my-dark.colors” file to “Home folder/.config/ardour4”.

LINK to archive:

Good luck!

P.S.: I’ve already posted the"cubase-like" theme in this forum, but in this pack I’ve added some changes (changed control points colors; made the mouse mode buttons lighter; changed the meter strip colors)

cooltehno: i want to state my committment/hope that i’ll add (back) a “color theme” chooser before we release 5.0. Great work, and thanks! Did you ever change the GTK+ base colors?

Here’s cooltehno’s theme “snapshot”:

three different themes for ardour

These look great! Particularly blueberry milk, especially for someone who prefers a light interface (although I’ll admit I’m partial to the default dark myself).

Hello, Paul, thanks!

Sometimes I try to learn Python, but I can write only ‘Hello world!’ now. Sorry, I’m not a programmer :slight_smile:
If seriously, I typed in google yesterday what “GTK” means. Nothing understood.
Also found in tube lessons about GTK:

…and now know that need time for study.

For making color themes I use only Ardour’s features: “Preferences”>“Theme”>“Items”; “Preferences”>“Theme”>“Palette”.
But If I can help for developing in this order, I’ll with joy share any information. Just I don’t know what is needed.

For illustrations I use Inkscape and GIMP.

Hi, @adotm! Thanks!

But one problem I have with the light theme building. In my opinion, it has not enough text contrast for good reading. To achieve the target I wrote to Bug Tracker this:

I can’t solve it using my knowledges.

I’ve made some changes in Blueberry Milk:

midi automation track fill - made lighter(was so dark);
midi frame base - also more light

The link to the pack is the same:

(I’m using google drive versions possibility)

These themes have now been incorporated into Ardour, and the theme selector has been restored to allow choosing between (curently) four themes. The work has been in the “vca2” branch, which will be merged with the master branch in a few days.

Cool! :slight_smile: Thanks, Paul and other programmers for the snowball Ardour! It’s a right place to join good efforts

Again some slight corrections in Blueberry:

  1. transport buttons - more colored;
  2. selected track header outline - was red, I’ve changed to dark blue

please fix these via pull requests on github now or at worst, email unified-diff format patches to ardour-devel.

the files are in gtk2_ardour/themes/ and have obvious names. You need to be in the vca2 branch to see them, probably until tomorrow (or whenever we merge branches).

ps. hopefully you will understand “caineville” :slight_smile:

As I understood, I came here:

To make a pull requests I’ve made an account. I’ve uploaded the “theme_pack.tar.gz” file in to new pull request. I don’t understand clearly what I’m doing. Were my actions right?
But if it will not work, it’s not so bad. I’m glad in any event:)

ps. In google I found pictures about red-yellow desert. A sаnd and yellow-red rocks - it’s good!))


Ideally what you would do would be to fork the repo to your account, then just replace the colors file as appropriate, and you hsould have the option to then create a pull request. That would be the ‘correct’ way to do it. It makes things easier on the developers and makes it easier to keep track of who did what to the source.


Thanks, @seablade!
I need some time for learning GitHub. I’m very new in a world of doing any design for developers. Just tomorrow I’ve learned about a version controlling and meaning of that. I’ll try to see some help lessons, that I could understand clear what you are advising))

@cooltehno: hands up for your contribution. The themes are just great.

@eddrog, thanks).

how can i install it on mac?
I have ardor 5.8 and i am putting the theme like ableton on the past of themes but it doesn’t show up on the preferences panel.

You don’t install any of them. All of cooltehno’s themes are part of Ardour at this time. It is already in the Preferences panel as “Caineville”.

@Fridays: Edit>Preferences>Appearance>Colors>Color Theme>Caineville