New system aching for a sound interface

Hello all–

I’ve just set up a new system and am ready to go except for the audio interface (I know, it’s like I’m all ready to drive the car except for the transmission).

Are there any recommendations (or cautions) for a 64-bit system? I’m doing the research now, but would appreciate any input from anyone who can point out any pitfalls with this. My system is an HP using an AMD Opteron64x2 dual-core with 2GB RAM, and 80GB SATA drive for the system and a 500GB SATA for data.

Any or all suggestions welcome.

Oh, and I’ll be subscribing this evening. Can’t do it from work.



This is covered here:

You might want to temper that with how you wish to use it. Recording a whole band at once? Delta 1010 (10 in, 10 out) may be good.

Want to be overdub king on a budget? M-audio 2496 has a stereo pair in/out as well as MIDI.

M-audio Delta 44 and Delta 66 are good choices. There is an Omni I/O breakout box for those that includes two mic preamps, as well as more flexible monitoring and sends. I have one, and eventually weaned myself away from an analog mixer completely (AMD 4200+ with 2 gig of ram). There is also a smaller breakout box without the mic preamps.

More info on the Omni I/O here:

These are all low-latency cards. There are more, these are just some that I am familiar with. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your input.

I’ve actually been talking to some people and it looks like I’m going the RME route. My schedule just opened and so has my budget, so it looks like I’m going for the Multiface II. I’m looking into what I need for my rather basic setup, but the Multiface looks like something I can grow in to rather than grow out of.

Thanks again for the help!

After doing some more research (and getting a nice bonus from work), I’ve decided to go the whole hog and go RME. I still have some homework to do, but so far it’s looking pretty much in favor of the Multiface II. That and a decent set of monitor speakers and I’ll be god to go.

The only problem now is dodging all of the “Why would you use Linux?” questions and “You’ll never find good plug-ins unless you use Windows or Mac” lectures.

good choice beldon :slight_smile:
I have the RME HDSP + Multiface II, works great! But if you don’t already know, you will need some preamps because there’s no such thing with the multiface. For my acoustic recording, I got the RME quadmic and it does a good job (rather neutral). I hope your bonus is substancial enough though :slight_smile:

For monitor speakers, I got a pair of Dynaudio BM5A. Great stuff as well :slight_smile:
I must say I am ruined … but happy with all that!