New surf music

I finally got together a new track. I guess it’s kind of surfey (if that’s a word) with all the reverb and twang. Some have said Super Mario Bros. but with guitars.

Hi Craig,

I’d love to surf to it and have a listen but we need a link… :wink:



Reminds a little bit of something by ‘Shadowy Men from a Shadowy Planet’ who used to do the theme for the comedy show ‘Kids In the Hall’.

Great sounds on the guitar and the bass propels the song along very nicely as well. Most importantly you’ve nailed the whole central idea of a great surf song which is to have a strong pronounced hum-able melody that stays in your head after the 'verb fades away. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I had to look up that song to remember the melody, and yeah it does have a similar vibe.

I really like this track. I think it’s a bit long though, given the style. Those surf tunes were 3 mins at best.

I did think about this being long. It was never intended as a surf song but did come out sounding like one. I made an edit where I took out the second chorus/verse section and took 8 bars out of the middle section but it seems to rush into the middle too fast and the spooky part in the verse section only gets played once. I don’t want to fade out the ending or completely cut out the middle so I’m thinking maybe I will just cut one eight bar section out of the middle. There might also be 4 bars that I can take out of the outro without messing it up or having to fade.

Nice track. The mixdown was great - perfect balance on the instruments. It made me think a little bit of some of the more surfy moments of The Pixies: Cecilia Ann, Wave of Mutilation, etc… iI definitely has that poppy 90s feeling that I grew up with :slight_smile: