new splice edit function?

It seems that the splice edit function has changed. Now there is a (to me) strange behaviour when moving the regions in splice edit mode. It seems the region only changes the place with one other region while exchanging the beginning time of the other region. All the rest of the regions after the inserted region don’t change their positions.
This makes the splice mode function completly useless to me! It used to change the the regions in the timeline (a track) to something like a chain. And the position of one file can easy be changed by another without creatig gaps or overlaps. Just like cutting tape or film.
Is it possible to change something in the settings to get back to the old splice edit function?
When I opened a project that was created with an older version of ardour, it has the old behaviour. Do I have to create a project with a very old version of ardour and edit with a new version?


the current splice edit mode is an experiment. not a very successful one. it will change over time, i am not sure when. there is no way to request the old behaviour via the GUI. i am suprised to find that an old session can turn it on - i may never have removed the old code and used a new ID for the new edit mode, which could explain it.

isn’t it possible to have four edit modes (slide/splice/shuffle/lock)? It is great to make experiments but it is also good to keep the usefull tools.
I for example don’t make music or film sync sound. In my case there is not a given time structure where I put the region (audio pieces). The regions create their own time structure which is changing with their position in the timeline. There is nothing oldfashioned in working like this which works in principle like tape editing. Also like other commercial software (cad for example) the different competing programms get more and more similar and most of them get better in my opinion because they copy the best things from each other. It is allways better to copy good things than to invent mediocre ones.
Also imo it is good to have some easy to use basic tools but to be able to use very coplex tools wich don’t interfere with the basic GUI.

Found out that behaviour I described (“open an old project in newer version of ardour”) does not work with the last version(s) of ardour.

Forgot to mention that the last version of ardour (2.5-x11) is otherwise :wink: the best one yet!


Yes the current splice edit mode does hurt because I edit audio book spoken word recordings by working backwards from the end to the beginning. The old magnetic splice mode worked wonderfully for this style of editing. Currently I cannot edit using Ardour 2.7.1.

But thanks for the work you’ve done so far. I’d come back to Ardour immediately once this glitch is fixed. Hell, I’ll put something like a fifty in the tip jar for ya.

I’ve gotta put Ardour and Mixbus on the shelf until Splice mode is fixed. It hate ProTools but have no choice.


Did you try out Ripple mode in Mixbus? It isn’t perfect but it much closer than Splice mode.