New Songs by my band and a russian female singer


I got some new stuff up on my site:

all is made under Linux with Ardour 2.5-2.8, LADSPA and LV2-plugins

comments welcome


You might get more reviews of the song if its link didn’t point to a 404 Not Found error. :wink:



Dammit - - Thanks a lot for the hint.

It was indeed the most stupid typo to imagine: I had a leading whitespace in the filename…

so even though it might be a bit late: here is a direct link to the real thing:

Hey, good tones!!

Recording sounds good, but timing is off, specially in the intro… Or is that intentional?

I find this song strangely addictive. I think it would make a great song for a scene in a movie, very atmospheric.

Thanks for your comments!

Yes: the timing is not exact. Maria is a great Singer but plays guitar only for 2 years now, and we did not used a klick for the recording. But in the end, we decided, that these sways fit with the song and did our best to keep everything in sync by hand. I think, these slight uncertainities add well to the overall atmosphere of the song, that deals with uncertainity and doubt.

Thanks for the compliments regarding the soundtrack-affinity :slight_smile:
I tend to think in pictures/dramatic scenes when working with songs, it helps me to make decisions in what direction a song should develop and how elements shall be presented in the mix/arrangement.